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Challenge Group Resources and Training

Meal Plans and Template

Free Challenge Group Resources

Free Rock the Crock Resources

Inviting Scripts

Free Customer and Lead Email Templates

Onboarding New Coaches

Personal Development

Social Media

Sponsoring Coaches

Solutions our Products Fulfill 

Understanding the Compensation Plan


Youtube Videos

Setting Preferred Placement and Signing Your First 2 Coaches


Social Media Training

Instagram Training With Jatana Jackson

Instagram Training With Jenelle Summers

Instagram Stories With Andrea Crowder

Instagram Training With Alyssa Schomaker

Apps and Websites for IG

Facebook DO’S

Facebook DON’TS

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2017 Recorded Team Calls

It’s always best to be on these calls “live” since these are our once monthly family meetings, but this is your place to catch the recording or re-listen as needed!

Nurturing Customer Relationships

September Team Huddle: No Customer Left Behind

August Team Huddle: Building Community with Brand Ambassadors

July Team Huddle: We Are Shifting

May Team Huddle: Planning Your Month

April Team Huddle: Planning Your Month

Guest Speaker // Renee Crane: Inviting 101

March Team Huddle: The Big Picture, Turning the Corner on Q2

Guest Speaker // Cori Abraham: Building for Income Part 2

Guest Speaker // Cori Abraham: Building for Income Part 1

Guest Speaker // Joy Bowen: Free Groups and Referrals

February Team Huddle: Planning Your Month

Guest Speaker // Tiffany Dansie: Starting the Year Off Right

January Team Huddle: Fearless in 2017


2016 Recorded Team Calls

December Team Huddle: End Strong to Start Strong

First Things First – Mastering Phase 1

November Team Huddle: Fight For It

October Team Huddle: Maximizing the Next 90 Days

September Team Huddle: Building Your List

July Team Huddle: How to Run Awesome Challenge Groups

June Team Huddle: Income Building Checklist

May Team Huddle: 4th Vital Behavior

April Team Huddle: The Secret (guest speaker)

March Team Huddle: Grow Your Tribe

February Team Huddle: Up Your Social Game

January Team Huddle: Turn Your FOMO Into MOJO