Day 9: Sharing Shakeology (Part 2)

Now it’s time to dig a little deeper. There are many opinions and misconceptions about shakes in general, most likely you will find yourself in a situation where objections arise. Don’t be upset when they do. Objections are good and provide an opportunity for you to share in more detail why Shakeology has been a good choice for you.

As we’ve shared, my suggestion to you is to always lead with YOUR STORY, you can also share the stories of those on our team or in your challenge groups. Never get into debate, educate by presenting facts, share your story and be confident of what you have to offer while being respectful of hesitations. Many times, they have had a previous bad experience with another shake that they are unnecessarily connecting to Shakeology.

The video above is a call done by 6 Star Diamond, Elite Coach, Joy Bowen. This call was done prior to the launch of the All Access Challenge Pack, but it provides a great perspective on how to add to value to your conversations with prospective challengers as it relates to their nutrition and the role Shakeology can play in that. Our goal for this part of the training is that you will walk away with an increased confidence and passion for sharing Shakeology with those around you.



1. I shared my Shakeology story with you in the previous lesson, write a few sentences that describe your Shakeology story. The more familiar you are with why you are drinking it, the better able you will be to share it confidently with others.

2. Complete your Business Tracker activities for the day.