Day 8: Sharing Shakeology (Part 1)

When my coach first recommended Shakeology to me, I refused. But she encouraged me to try it, so I did. It turns out, I needed Shakeology more than the workouts she recommended. It changed my eating habits and helped me crave healthier foods. Instead of drinking a Diet Coke and eating M&M’s in the middle of the day, I started treating myself to a shake and my body started responding quickly to my workouts. I was hooked and six years later, I’m still hooked!

What I began to realize is that my nutrition is everything, it’s not just 80% of my results, it’s 100%. Why? Because your nutrition impacts your ability to do your workouts, too. If you eat junk, your workout will suffer. If you eat to fuel your body, your workouts are not only more effective, but results will come more quickly and they are more FUN!

One of the coolest things about Shakeology is that it’s NOT a protein shake. Yes, it has protein in it, but truly, it’s a WHOLE FOOD nutrition shake. In the UK, it’s now classified as a FOOD not a supplement, therefore it is not taxed. This huge and not something any other shake has ever done! If you think about it, most of us are not deficient in protein. The general population, even us clean eaters, are NUTRIENT deficient because so many of our foods have been stripped of the very things that are good for us.

This is truly where Shakeology comes into play. It is a versatile nutrition shake that has WHOLE FOOD ingredients compounded together for a purpose, and that purpose is to enable your digestion and insides to thrive so that your outsides follow suit. When your body gets what it needs, energy levels go up, you begin to think and process more clearly and extra weight begins to fall off … all as a side effect of good nutrition.

Often, new Coaches will feel intimidated when trying to talk about Shakeology. It’s an incredible product that is key in helping people get the results they want, but what’s the best way to convey this to someone else? In my experience, the best way to talk about Shakeology is to:

1. Use your own experience/testimonial about the product
2. Talk about the benefits and not the features of the product
3. Don’t try to be a scientist, doctor or nutritionist
4. If they ask you about this shake vs. Shakeology, ALWAYS just send them the ingredients and let them make their own decision. Our ingredients ALWAYS win!

You don’t have to know all of the antioxidants, phytonutrients, probiotics, enzymes, and superfoods in Shakeology, but it is important to know how it makes yourself and others feel so you can use those testimonials! You can learn the specifics over time. It’s much easier to talk about the benefits of Shakeology than to try and learn all the facts. How has it helped you? How has it helped other customers, friends or coaches on this team? People make decisions based the benefits and success stories of a product much more than being impressed by the facts.

So, do your best to educate yourself but focus on sharing your own experiences, others on the team or your client’s testimonials. If you’re speaking to someone who is asking about Shakeology, and you’re unsure how to answer, PLEASE go to our team page and ASK! If you have the question, I’m positive someone else does and we would love to give feedback!

1. Take a quick look at this video by Shakeology co-founder, Darin Olien, on why everyone should drink Shakeology every day.
 2. Whatever you do, don’t fall into a comparison game with someone else on Shakeology vs. XYZ. Watch this video to help you.
3. Visit your COO, click on Training, then Product Training. Review the Shakeology resources and FAQ document to educate yourself further.
 4. Here are some additional resources to help you learn more about Shakeology: